Oil Clicker – Custom Assets!

Assets laid out.
Making a few prefabs to drag into game areas.

Got some custom assets made by a fellow Richland College developer! I found some good samples of 2D media on the interwebs, but no one had anything available for sale that would work for the mobile space. Everything was either simply bad or too realistic and gloomy. So one day as I was scrolling through the Richland College discord forum I saw a post by a friend and asked if he was available for commission. They did a really great job and I’m excited to have these in the game!

Artist Deviant Art: https://www.deviantart.com/stabbedbyapanda

Oil Clicker – UI


I’ve added a button on the top right of the main game menu that brings up the very primitive shop. Here the player will be able to buy boosts for the game. Options include buying new special currency, standard currency, and passive boosts

Business Bonus

The Business Bonus button under the Menu button will give the player a bonus of money every few minutes. Once pressed, the player can close the screen to get the precalculated amount or there will be an ad button so that they can choose to watch an ad and Double the money offered. Quick way to give the player a free boost and an opportunity to play an ad.

Mauro Clicker – Progress

Got the first couple weeks down and made some decent progress.

Clicker – I’ve got the clicker working and adding credits to the total.

Plots – The plots are adding credits to the total once they are activated.

Plot Upgrading – The plots are being upgraded properly and the game is checking against the total credits to see if the next level can actually be purchased.