Hello! I’ve been away from the clicker game for a while and not posted about it. I’ve been working on my portfolio and resume to try and find work in Dallas. Not much luck. I’m going to focus on three things going forward.

First, I need to improve by skillset in more serious programming. Namely, my C++ skills. Building a game in C# scripts in Unity is great, but I haven’t found many companies in the area that are hiring for that position. There are, however, a bunch of higher budget companies hiring for programmers that can program engine, graphics, gameplay, systems, and UI in C++. I’m going to pivot my extra time into growing my skills and showing that in my demos.

Second, is this clicker game. I want to implement several features, ship it, and let it work. I want to learn about analytics with the different places I’m going to add ads into. I want to set some progress points that would show me at where players might be stopping play or how quickly players are reaching new game plus. Overall, this is a good project for my demos and I’m enjoying working on it.

Third, is maintaining an online presence and making sure I’m connecting with other game developers in the area. I talk to my immediate friends and fellow students from Richland, but not many others that are either working on becoming game developers or are already in the industry working and growing. That said, I need to start professional social media accounts that present my attitude and passion for game development.

The site will have more posts going forward. I want to start with a weekly report that summarizes what I’ve worked on during the week and how it improves my game development skillset. At first, I’ll be adding a few posts during the week and perhaps it becomes a daily thing.

– Mauro

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