Spring 2018 at Richland – Week 6

Project Development

Monday – Today we’re spending time working on some documentation for the level designers to understand how to tweak the assets we’ve made for them so far. I made documentation for the firing camera I demo’d the last couple weeks and for the mech with A.I. on it.

Firing Camera – Word Document

Mech with A.I. Soldier Following – Word Document

Wednesday – On Monday, the producer asked me to get the soldiers moving in formation. I changed the spawner to take in another prefab that contains a List which is filled with the positions of the formation. On startup, the spawner creates the soldiers and gives them the references to each formation.

Game & Simulation Programming

This week we are getting more time on our A.I. projects. I need more time because I decided to spend my hours on Algebra and some Project Dev.

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