Side Projects

CryptoClicker – XCode & Swift (2018)

Made a clicker game for myy final project in the Swift course at Richland College. I used the SpriteKit API to get an Update loop that refreshed and would allow me to increment the income for the cards owned. The default scene editor for apps doesn’t have a way to call a function multiple times, but the SpriteKit has to render an image and has an update function by default. Had a good time because I like the idea of cryptocurrenty and love PC hardware.

The Few in Space – Unity & C# (2017)

Remake of my old Game Maker project. I found a really good model pack that I’ll use as the core of this game. Super simple and working on it to brush up my skills before Spring 2018.

The Driver’s App – XCode & Objective-C (2017)

Download Source Code for XCode 7.2.1

I made an app for iPhone that I would actually use in my every day work life. I’m a delivery driver for Domino’s while I’m in school. It is meant to keep track of the current delivery the driver is on with critical data needed to determine the profit after taking into account the driver’s fuel costs, vehicle’s mileage, and the tip paid by the customer. This is an example of a worst-case scenario at my store. Delivering to the dreaded McCallum apartments.

Bit Blaster Clone – C++ & SFML (2017)

This is a final project game for my Object-Oriented Programming course.

Download Source Code

One of my proudest accomplishments of this project is that I made everything self-managing and the onlly things that are called during a frame update are these three functions. The functions in turn handle input, spawning, and collision.

Quote Me! – Game Maker & GML (2015)

This was a quick app that I made over a day of jamming.

Quote Me! in Google Play Store

My partner decided to have a small App Jam with a few friends and this is what I came up with in the few hours I had before leaving for work at noon. It’s a button that sets a variable and a switch that selects what text to draw on the screen.

Today’s Four – Game Maker & GML (2015)

Download Today’s Four Android APK

This app was created in about two weeks of work. I wanted an app that would allow me to track four tasks. My limited API knowledge of the XCode and Android Studio tools limited to trying to get this done in Game Maker: Studio. I had a great time making this app and I learned how to make a useable app from the ground up.