Oil Clicker – Unity & C# (2019)

One of my favorite mobile genres is the idle/clicker game. My most played is Taps to Riches. The reason I started playing it was to become familiar with a company I was applying for.  AdVenture Capitalist, AdVenture Communist, and Egg Inc are other games that have inspired this game. More can be found in my blog and the Oil Clicker tab.

Knights of Iron – Unity & C# (2018)

My best work yet and largest code base I’ve developed. The game was primaly programmed by the lead developer and I. We built the game from the ground up and used one plugin. The plugin was for the anime style rendering. Everything else was built in C#.

I was in charge of camera control & effects, player & enemy weapons, squad AI, squad weapons, squad animation control, and damage effects control & bullet tracer effects.

Download Installer

Download Soundtrack

The Few in Space – Game Maker & GML (2014)

Link to download The Few in Space – Game Maker at

I created the first version of The Few in Space over the course of a month when I was laid off in the Spring of 2014. I learned a lot about how to actually make a game from start to finish. I was mainly motivated to create something when I really was lost and didn’t understand what was next. My C++ skills came to the rescue because Game Maker Language is basically just C++ with lots of functions to make unique interactions occur in the game engine.