Project Kaiju

Project Kaiju | Richland College | Spring 2018

Dev diary of my weekly reports and videos for our student project at Richland College.

Week 2

We’ve got the design document and everyone has their first task. I was tasked with implementing a cinematic camera similar to the one in the Sniper Elite series. It’s a prototype and not at all final quality.

Week 3

I am now tasked with destructibility of the environment. I start with a basic wall. The feature has been set aside because the modeling artists currently do not have the time to focus on this. Gotta get the mechs moving!

Week 4

This week I was tasked with getting a camera together for a First Person Firing Mode. So the player will be able to move the mech in third person, but will have to be stationary and switch to first person to take control of vertical rotation and firing shells. I was able to lock the x and y axes movement, set the mouse speed, and the sensitivity for when we are really zoomed in.

I also had to implement a vignette effect. Unity has one built in and I’m going to tune the speed with the increasing accuracy feature the team is looking for. The editable mouse speed and sensitivity are really helpful here.

Week 5

This week we are connecting the movement and aiming scripts for the level designers to have working mechs for use while creating.

Work has started on the little A.I. support troops that will follow the mechs around. I have the soldiers always going to a position. Those positions are given to them by the solider spawner. It’s attached to the mech and only works in the beginning.

Week 6

Today we’re spending time working on some documentation for the level designers to understand how to tweak the assets we’ve made for them so far. I made documentation for the firing camera I demo’d the last couple weeks and for the mech with A.I. on it.

Firing Camera – Word Document

Mech with A.I. Soldier Following – Word Document

On Monday, the producer asked me to get the soldiers moving in formation. I changed the spawner to take in another prefab that contains a List which is filled with the positions of the formation. On startup, the spawner creates the soldiers and gives them the references to each formation.

Week 7

I spent the day working on the TestFiringController movement and camera rotation. I then started on the health script and had a hard time getting collisions to work.

Figured out the problem with the projectiles not registering. Now the projectiles detect collisions with the colliders, if the object it hits has a health script it damages the object, and then creates and FX prefab before it destroys itself.

Week 8

Spring Break…

Week 9