Hello! My name is Mauro! I am a game programmer and technical designer. I mainly program with C# in Unity, but have plenty of experience using C++ in SFML, Dark GDK, Game Maker, and Unreal Engine 4. I consider myself more of a technical designer because I’ve become very adept at listening to game designers and level designers talk about what they want to do in-game and then quickly bringing it to life for them to test.

My main hobbies are video games and PC hardware. I’ve been putting together gaming PCs for a decade now and love the PC gaming community. My current rig has an 8600K and a GTX 1080. 😛

My goals are to work at a game development company in Dallas, found my own after learning the process of developing and shipping a great product, and found a center that helps Latino and Black youth in the Dallas area learn about game development.