Hello! My name is Mauro! I am a game developer who happens to be a decent programmer. I love video games on all platforms. I am a PC hardware enthusiast and have a tremendous passion for building PCs and then pushing them to the max with all the latest titles. I love most sports except for cricket. Mostly because I’ve never had a crumpet! I live in Dallas, TX with my wonderful partner and her goofy dog. My goal is to either work at a mobile game company literally down the road from home or make it big and work at The Coalition on whatever Gears of War title they’re developing.



Hello! I’ve been away from the clicker game for a while and not posted about it. I’ve been working on my portfolio and resume to try and find work in Dallas. Not much luck. I’m going to focus on three things going forward. First, I need to improve by skillset in more serious programming. Namely, …

Oil Clicker – UI

Shop I’ve added a button on the top right of the main game menu that brings up the very primitive shop. Here the player will be able to buy boosts for the game. Options include buying new special currency, standard currency, and passive boosts Business Bonus The Business Bonus button under the Menu button will …